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Congratulations for completing Tech Deck Start Pushing - Skatepark Etiquette and Safety Module! You are now eligible for Module Two, Fundamentals of Skateboarding.


In module two, coaches and mentors will lead participants to safely learn the fundamental skills to get started on their skateboard. Although much of the act of skateboarding is self-directed, coaches will enable participants by getting them started on the right foot. Throughout this module, coaches will learn to increase participants' physical literacy through promoting proper foot placement, balancing, carving, ollieing etc… As participants progress, coaches will encourage the development of personal style and a self-directed approach.

What We Will Cover:

  • Assessing for readiness

  • How to structure a Lesson

  • Proper foot placement and getting balance

  • Stance: Goofy vs. Regular

  • Pushing and Stopping

  • Carving and Turning

  • The “Ollie”

  • Limitless possibilities

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In addition to the skateboard specific content within the Tech Deck Start Pushing, Fundamentals of Skateboarding, you will be required to complete one additional workshop, The NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport hosted for by the Coach's Association of Canada. This course cost $15 paid directly to the CAC.


The NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport module introduces new or experienced coaches to the foundational skills of coaching, such as long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. It also teaches the key coaching concepts and educational tools that are the foundation of the NCCP.


Follow the below link to sign up for module two of the Tech Deck Start Pushing training program, and gain access to all educational materials. 

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Canada Skateboard would like to acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada for their contribution toward the creation of this resource. 

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