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The following instructional material is intended for anyone working with children, youth, or adults through formalized clubs, camps, classes and programs, as well as, through informal “pop up” lessons and events at your local skatepark. Additionally this is a resource for parents new to skateboarding and community programmers. 

Throughout Module #1 of Tech Deck Start Pushing, individuals will build their capacity to work effectively as mentors, instructors and coaches across Canada.

What will we cover ?


  • Equipment and maintenance

  • Safety statistics

  • Skatepark safety and etiquette

  • Adaptations

  • Warming up and stretching

  • How to fall

  • Responding to injuries

  • Head injuries and concussions

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In addition to the skateboard specific content within the Tech Deck Start Pushing, Setting up a Safe Session, you will be required to complete three additional workshops which are outlined on the following pages.

You will also learn practical ways of increasing mental and emotional safety (part of Safe Sport Training) and inclusion for participants of a variety of cultural backgrounds, gender identities, abilities, and socio-economic environments. Most importantly, you will be able to actively prevent and address injury when it occurs.


Follow the below link to sign up for the Tech Deck Start Pushing training program, and gain access to all educational materials. 


tech deck - start pushing - manual image.png

Canada Skateboard would like to acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada for their contribution toward the creation of this resource. 

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