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Slurpee Canada Skateboard Open is a free-to-enter, nation wide, Instagram skateboarding contest. You can participate in The Open from the comfort of your own local skatepark, backyard ramp, street spot, or driveway.  Fewer nerves, more time to practice, and zero pressure. This contest is open to competitive and recreational skaters.

We are encouraging all skaters to get out and have fun with their lines and submit a video for a chance to win a piece of the $20,000.00 cash purse. We have prize packs from our supporting and product sponsors for all skaters. All ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome. 

Learn everything you need to know about the contest before you post your video by reading up on contest details and frequently asked questions section below. Also, be sure to head over to the prize page to see what you could win!     


Skate safe, have fun, and good luck!


The Open will follow the international skateboard categories which include:

  • Women's Street

  • Men's Street

  • Women's Park

  • Men's Park

In order to encourage participation The Open will also have:

  • Recreational category that will not be judged

  • Non- traditional skateboarding

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Canada Skateboard wants to encourage participation from all corners of the country. Awards will be presented to winners in all categories in the following regions:

  • British Columbia

  • Alberta

  • Saskatchewan

  • Manitoba

  • Ontario

  • Quebec

  • The Maritimes

    • New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., Newfoundland

  • The North

    • Yukon, North West Territories, Nunavut

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  • Participants are required to register for the contest before posting videos to Instagram.

  • After a registration form has been submitted and you post your run on Instagram, you will receive a comment from Canada Skateboard. A comment on your video will serve as confirmation that we see your video and you are all set.

  • Results from this contest will be valid for Canadian National Ranking points.

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  • Each region will have winners in all categories, dependent on participation numbers.

  • Videos with the highest score amongst all videos submitted from that region will win that region and be awarded a prize.

  • If you have the highest score in your region, this does not guarantee you a spot in the championship round.

    • i.e Your score may not be a high enough score compared to all the scores across Canada in your category.

  • 10 skaters per discipline will advance to the championship round and be required to film a 2nd new line.

    • i.e 10 skaters from each discipline for a total of 40 skaters will advance to the championship round.

  • Regional winners, and who will advance to the championship round will be announced July 12th.


  • The top 10 highest scored runs from each category from the regional round will be invited to the championship round for a maximum of 40 skaters.

  • If you advance to the championship round, you must film and post a 2nd new line during the submission window to be eligible to compete for the grand prize cash purse.

  • Championship round videos must follow the same  video guidelines as the regional round.

  • Championship round winners will be announced during the week of August 16th  


  • June 16 to July 4th at midnight Pacific Time - Regional round submission period.

  • July 12th - Regional round winner announcement.

  • July 12th to August 9th at midnight Pacific Time - Championship round submission period.

  • Week of August 16th - Championship round winner announcements.


  Film your best 45-second line

  • Post your video to your public Instagram page

  • You must include the following details

  • Category (Street or Park)

  • Add the hashtag #slurpeecanskateopen

  • @canadaskateboard

  • Tag your filmer for a chance to win a filmer prize pack


  The following post enters the video into the street category:

  • street #slurpeecanskateopen @canadaskateboard @Radfilmer360  



  • Film your best Street or Park line.

  • Video length must be 45 seconds or less.

  • Videos must be unedited and one continuous shot.

  • Raw unedited lines are the only videos that will be accepted. No cuts, no speeding up the clip, no music.

  • Only one submission per competitor, per discipline.

  • i.e  If you want to enter street and park, you must film two different lines and do two different Instagram posts, one for each category.

  • All Regional & Championship  round videos must be filmed and posted during the submission period.

  • Your instagram account must be public.

  • Portrait and landscape video is acceptable, portrait is preferred. 

  • You must specify which category you are submitting your line for, street or park.

  • Street means skating your line on obstacles that are part of the street section at your skatepark or in the real streets. (stairs, rails gaps, hubbas, banks, quarter pipes, etc).

  • Park means skating your line in either a bowl, halfpipe, pool or consistently skating transition for the duration of the video.


  • Difficulty

  • Execution

  • Variety

  • Use of Course

  • The top 10 skaters per category will advance to the championship round

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Is there a cost to enter the contest?

  • Nope, this contest is 100% free.

Who can enter?

  • The contest is open to all Canadians. You don't have to live in Canada, but you do have to be a Canadian citizen.

Can I enter if I am not in Canada?

  • Yes, as long as you are Canadian, you can enter the contest. When registering, make sure to select your home province/territory.

How do I enter the contest?

  • The first thing you must do is register for the contest. Then review and follow the rules in the how to enter section.

How do I post my video so that it will be seen?

  • Post your video on your public Instagram page and make sure to include the below detail.

  • Include your category - Street or Park

  • Include the hashtag  - #slurpeecanskateopen

  • Include - @canadaskateboard

How do I know if I’m registered?

  • After you have filled out the registration form you can post your video.  Once your video is online, you will receive a comment from Canada Skateboard on the video you posted on InstagramThis will let you know what we see your video and you are confirmed into the contest, our judges will take it from there.

How many runs/videos can I post?

  • One line per category up to a maximum of 45 seconds in length.  

  • You can enter one line for street and one line for park if you want, but the videos need to be two different lines.

  • We are looking for your best line. So be sure to focus your filming on what style of skating you feel you are best at.

How should I edit my video?

  • Easy, don't edit your video. We want to see your 45-second line in real-time, just like you would see at a live contest.  No cuts, no edits, no speeding up the video, and no music. We want to see your best line from start to finish.

Can I add music?

  • No, don’t add music, let the skating be the soundtrack

Does my video have to be 45 seconds long?

  • No, your video can be shorter than 45 seconds, but can not be longer than 45 seconds.

What are categories? What do you mean by street or park, how do I know which category to enter?

  • Street means skating your run on any obstacles that are part of the street section at your skatepark as well as any lines that are filmed in the real streets outside of any skatepark. (stairs, rails, gap, hubbas, banks, quarter pipes, etc)

  • Park means skating your run in either a bowl, halfpipe, pool or consistently skating transition for the duration of the video clip.

After I post my line,  can I post a 2nd better line if I send it in during the submission window? 

  • Yes, but make sure that your 2nd post is better. We will only judge the most recent post.

Can I use a private Instagram account?

  • No, you have to use a public account. You are welcome to create a public account specifically to enter the competition.

What does it mean if I am a regional winner?  Do I advance to the championship round?

  • Not necessarily, If you win your region, this means that you have the highest score in your region out of all the entries that came in from your region. You will be recognized as a regional winner and be rewarded with a prize. Your score may not be high enough out of all the entries across Canada from your category to advance into the championship round and submit a second video and be eligible to compete for the cash purse.  

If I make it to the championship round does my regional run score count at all?

  • No, your regional round score will not count in the championship round. 

  • The championship round will be a fresh start and all videos will be judged as new submissions.

 Still have questions ?  Send us an email

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