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Sun, Dust, Sweat, & Good Vibes

What a weekend! It was full of sun, dust, sweat, and good vibes. The Ottawa community came together and pushed through the scorching heat to deliver beautiful energy.

Whether it was during the community day, Friday 15th or the contest, Saturday 16th, the Capital City sent it big. Community Day was particularly great, with beginner and advanced skaters coming together and connecting.

People present could take skateboarding lessons or try the park in preparation for the big day. The tech deck wooden park was ready for those taking-on smaller modules. After some games of limbo, hippy jumps, and SKATE, everyone called it to rest for the contest.

Saturday was full of surprises in the best possible way! We witnessed some youngsters gaping double sets, taking gnarly falls but getting right back up.

As for the open divisions, women were all about style, mixing old and new school tricks. The men battled themselves for a spot among the ten making it to the finals.

With a short interlude between qualifiers and finals, all skaters put out their best effort for the Red Bull Mind Gap contest over the euro gap at Legacy. It was a race to the best trick, and it's a fakie treflip to fakie manual that took the win.

The day ended with everyone cheering each other after witnessing great skateboarding and community building.

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