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The Road to Paris, Begins in Rome

Maddy Balt - Fs Boardslide / Photos by Norma Ibarra for World Skate.

The Qualification process for Paris 2024 begins this week in Rome, Italy. Seven Canadians will compete to earn valuable qualification points for Paris. The qualifiers take place across Rome's famed Colosseum, making it an incredible location to bring together the world’s top competitive skateboarders. This is the first of two street events for 2022; the next stop is the World Championships in Rio de Janerio in October. This season’s events are critical as they will seed the 2023 Pro Tour. More information on the Olympic Qualification Process and the competitive structure can be found at the end of this document.

World Street Skateboarding Rome 2022 Details:


Parco del Colle Oppio e delle Terme di Traiano

Rome, Italy


Sunday, June 26th to Sunday, July 3rd, 2022.

  • Sunday - Tuesday: Practice

  • Wednesday: Women’s Open Qualifier

  • Thursday: Men’s Open Qualifier

  • Friday: Women’s and Men’s Quarter


  • Saturday: Women’s and Men’s Semi-Finals

  • Sunday: Women’s and Men’s Finals

Canadian skaters :

Competitors earned their spots in the event under Canada Skateboard’s Event Selection Protocol.

Matt Berger - Fs Bluntslide
Ryan Decenzo - Bs Feeble

What Is The Contest Format?

Open Qualifier & Quarter Final

● 2 Runs x 45Seconds; best run counts

Semifinal and Final

● New Olympic Street Format (2/5/3)

● 2 runs & 5 trick attempts per athlete

● Final scores based on the highest 3 of 7 possible scores

● 1 run must count towards the final score

● Best 8 advance to the final

● Athletes score from 0-100.00 on each run/trick attempt

National Canadian skater, Shay Sandiford

Olympic Qualification Process

Olympic Qualification (OWSR) points opportunities for 2022 will be comprised of 2 Street events and 1 Park event. Each discipline will have a World Championship this year.

The 2022 calendar is as follows:

  • Street Skateboarding Rome (Pro Tour) - Rome - 26th of June/3rd of July 2022

  • RIO World Skate Park World Championships 2022 by STU - Rio De Janeiro - 2nd of October /9th of October 2022

  • RIO World Skate Street World Championships 2022 by STU - Rio De Janeiro - 9th of October/16th of October

High-Performance coach, Adam Higgins and Maddy Balt

All photos by Norma Ibarra (@lapir0) for World Skate.

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