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The World Champs Team Needs Your Help!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

To support the skaters attending the World Championships in Dubai, Canada Skateboard has launched a fundraiser. All contributions will go towards the cost of the skaters accommodation. Your support is critical! Can you help the skaters on this mission?

A $5,000 matching fund has been created, meaning every dollar donated to this campaign will be matched up to $5,000. You give $1, and the team gets $2! All donations are eligible for a tax receipt. A personalized thank you will be created for donations over $100, which may include, signed merchandise from the attending skaters! Read this blog for more details.

The Road to Paris, now with a Dubai layover:

It has been a treacherous journey to the 2022 World Skateboarding Championship. Originally programmed to be in Brazil in November 2022, the championships were cancelled a month prior with little warning. With this setback, many wondered where and when they would be rescheduled. Regardless of that challenge, the Canadian National Skateboarding Team didn’t let this set-back affect their efforts to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

As part of the expenses associated with the World Skateboarding Championship, each team member must cover the costs of their travel and accommodation. With the confirmation of the World Skateboarding Championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, between January 29th and February 12th. This fundraiser aims to offset accommodation costs for the national team skateboarders participating in the Paris 2024 Olympic qualifiers.

World Championships 2022 Details:

The World Championships are the most important skateboarding events of the year. They are the last opportunity for Canadian skateboarders to earn qualification points toward Paris for the 2022 year.

Your contribution to this campaign will allow the skateboarders to focus their energy on training to put-on the performance of a lifetime.

Find all the information about the event here. The World Championships kicks off with the street Event: January 29- Feb 5. The park event closes out the Championships from February 5th - 12.

About the team

The 2022 National team consists of sixteen skateboarders, starting the journey toward Paris 2024 and LA 2028. Keep an eye on this group of skateboarders as they continue on the path blazed by the veterans of Canadian skateboarding. They represent the pinnacle of competitive skateboarding in Canada. Whether through their international success, jaw-dropping video parts, magazine articles, and social media, they continuously amaze and inspire us on our own journey.

You can find out more about the team at:

World Championships 2022 Competitors:

Street Skaters:

- Ryan Decenzo

- Micky Papa

- Matt Berger

- Johnny Purcell

- Shay Sandiford

- Morgan Dejardins Turgeon

- Christopher Setinas

- Tom Nelner

- Samantha Secours

- Maddy Balt

- Fay Defazio Ebert

Park Skaters:

- James Clarke

- Jesse Ingrilli

- Phillipe Dulude

- Caleb Nicholls

- Adam Hopkins

- Oliver Ward

- Fay Defazio Ebert

- Kaede Fraser

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