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Canada Skateboard is working with community organizations to activate a nationwide network focused on sharing information and ideas, supporting the development and generally spreading the good word of skateboarding.

To learn more about skateboard clubs across Canada, we created a short questionnaire form to submit details about your group. We'd love to hear about your group and what you are doing with other skaters across Canada. 
To fill out your group submission form click 

Join us to help make Canadian skateboarding amazing! We welcome all people to get involved as volunteers. Click here to fill out the form, tell us about yourself and how you are interested to volunteer.

2022 Annual Collective Meeting: Video recording of the meeting held on November 24, 2022.

Canada Skateboard's Resource Page: All of Canada Skateboard's rules, regulations, policies can be found here.

Tech Deck Start Pushing: Canada Skateboard's education resource for skateboard leaders and other stakeholders 

Skatepark and Club Map: Looking for a skatepark or a club? Find them here.

Coaching Association of Canada: Looking to take the next step in your coach education? can help. 

Good Push Alliance: Fun tools and games to use during skate sessions.

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