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A Canadian Coast to Coast Community

What is it 

Building a skateboarding environment that is accessible, safe and welcoming for all participants is a priority for Canada Skateboard. SheCANSk8 is a coast-to-coast community for girls and women in skateboarding by girls and women in skateboarding.

It aims to:

  • Promote skateboarding for girls and women

  • Showcase our national talents

  • Serve as a network for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and building the skateboarding culture Canadian girls and women want.

Why is it Important 

Asin many sports, girls and women are underrepresented in skateboarding.  We need more girls and women: skateboarders, coaches, leaders, officials, volunteers, mentors, and fans. By creating this community, we can increase opportunities and work towards achieving gender equity in Canada. 

What You Can Do :  Community Clubs

We are building our network of clubs and organizations dedicated to creating positive skateboarding experiences and environments for girls and women. Community organizations interested in joining the SheCANsk8 community are invited to complete the following survey. Tell us about your club and send in your logo. Ten minutes of your time will make all the difference.

The Club Survey is available here: English Survey / French Survey.  Your logo will be posted on this page, linked to your club and shared with the SheCANsk8 community.  
Please respond by February 1st 2021.


Women And Girl's Community Clubs
Provincial Directory


Women In Sport Workshop Videos

Long Term Development Considerations to Actively Engage Women and Girls
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