The Canadian Skateboard Ranking List is designed to effectively create a national ranking tool to correctly rank Canadian Skateboarders

Event Eligibility

Skateboard competitions that meet the below criteria will be considered eligible to be included into the  CNRL (Canadian National Ranking List) pending board approval  and compliance of the below stipulations

  1. Event sanctioning requests must be submitted to Canada Skateboard no later than 8 week prior to competition start date

  2. Sanctioning approval from Canada Skateboard  must be acquired in writing previous to competition start date

  3. Men's and Women's events that are promoted with a  Open, Amateur and or Pro category are eligible for submission

  4. Street and Park skateboarding are the only discipline(s) currently considered for approval

  5. Any Canadian event owned and or sanctioned by Canada Skateboard

Ranking Detail

Point Allocation

Points are allocated based on the following criteria:

  1. Anticipated skill level, size of the event, and quality of the field

  2. International events with top competitors are ranked the highest (World Championships, Pro Tour, 5 - Star Events)

  3. Regional Canada Skateboard Sanctioned events with local competitors ranked lower

Event Values

Each event is assigned a base point value from 100 to 1000 based on the anticipated level of the event size of field and quality of competitors, with some extra consideration for Canadian events. Events can increase or decrease by a maximum of 30% depending on size of field and quality of the competitors. For event value detail, click the links below.

Canada Skateboard's rankings use each skater's top 3 results in the past 12 months. Points from top three Canadian events are averaged to create their points (max 1000). Each event is assigned a point value and points are awarded based on the value of the event. Points are awarded using the skater's result from the highest round of the event.

Point Distribution

  1. Points are allocated to the entire field distributed by a percentage formula with the full value of points to the top ranked competitor and 8.5 points allocated to last place. All skaters between will receive points based on a percentage of the total number of points and the number of competitors.

  2. Events with less than 20 competitors will be rounded to the highest 10

  3. Seven participants ranked points eligible to 10th, thirteen competitors points eligible to 20th

Ranking Process

  1. ​Skaters are ranked using the three (3) highest results, based on allocated points within one (1) calendar year from the event selection date, no less than three weeks from the event.

  2. Those three events are averaged to create a ranking value

  3. Individual skaters are ranked compared to all other skaters based on the average of their top three (3) results.

  4. Due to the Covid-19  Pandemic all points have been "frozen as of March 2020, with all events from March 2019 - March 2020 counting in this ranking process

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