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Strong demand for skateboarding in Canada!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Canada Skateboard has reached out to Canadian skateboard distributors to find out about the state of skate 2020.

The unanimous feedback from the industry leaders was that demand for skateboard equipment in 2020 is stronger than 2019 and shaping up to be strongest year going at least five years back.

It appears that Covid-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on the uptick in the demand for skateboarding because skateboarding can be practiced safely, people can do it by themselves or with a small number of people in outdoor settings. Many people have taken to creating their own DIY obstacles in their driveways and staying close to their homes, especially in the early days of the pandemic.

Also, people are taking advantage of the extra time they have to learn a new skill that they may have put off for a while.

Canada Skateboard is excited for this growth and looks forward to a long term participation from the new skateboarders that have taken up the activity this year.

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