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A New Community Hub

Canada Skateboard is moving forward with a new registration platform to identify active skateboarders in Canada. This process will highlight the true volume of skateboarders and communities across all of Canada.

We are gathering details on all aspects of Canadian Skateboarding: Communities, local crews, shops, skateboard clubs, private skateparks to name a few.

Register and share this link with your skate crew to put yourself and your community on the map! This free process will take five minutes to complete.

This will assist Canada Skateboard to outline and better communicate with skateboarders from East to West. It also provides a platform for opportunities and growth for your skate community.

Groups who register with us will be highlighted within our network and promoted to others in their regions. Additionally, your members will be able to associate their registration with the group, demonstrating the accurate size of your group.

In addition, participants who register will have access to the following:

  • Access to Start Pushing training program

  • First to know about new programs and offerings

  • Early Access to contest dates and details information

Thank you for all that you do for skateboarding, thank you for keeping to push!

The Canada Skateboard Team

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