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Canadian Skatepark Map

Canada Skateboard,, and Spott Dreams of Skate Parks have teamed up to map out all Canadian skateparks. We have asked the skateboarding community from Coast to Coast to help us identify skateparks that were not already mapped. With the held from the community, we have been able to map over 500 skateparks.

We are still looking for new skateparks and up to date information. If you would like to help, please follow these steps:
1. Review the skatepark map below
2. Identify a park that needs to be added or updated
3. Take photos of the skatepark following these guidelines

  • Horizontal / Landscape. Not square or vertical/Portrait.

  • Preferably without people in the shot

  • Look for photos that show park details such, as An interesting line, specific features/obstacles, wide shots of the
    park or its settings,
     any significant signs, art, or plaques.  

4. Fill out this form and submit your photos


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