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Updated: May 13

Attention all skateboarders! The Slurpee Canada Skateboard Open, presented by Tech Deck is back for the summer of 2024 with three exciting stops across the country:

  • Vancouver, BC - June 1-2

  • Calgary, AB - June 21-23

  • Toronto, ON - August 24-25

  • Digital Open - May 27 to July 5th 

Whether you're a seasoned skateboarder or just starting, join us for days full of fun & competitions showcasing the best and new skateboarding talent in Canada. 

Registration for each stop will open on our website two weeks before the competition on the following days: 

Vancouver, May 13th / Calgary, June 6th / Toronto, August 9th.

Registration for the Digital Open will begin on May 27th. 

Stay tuned for rules, format and prize information coming out soon. 

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