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Submissions open from June 1st - August 31st. Winners Announced September 2022

Is there a cost to enter the contest?

  • No, the contest is 100% free.


Who can enter?

  • The contest is open to all Canadian citizens.


Can I enter if I am not in Canada?

  • Yes, as long as you are Canadian, you can enter the contest. When registering, make sure to select your home province/territory. You don't have to live in Canada, but you do have to be a Canadian citizen.


How do I enter the contest?

  • The first thing you must do is register for the contest HERE and  follow the rules below.


How do I post my video so that it will be seen?

  • Post your video on your public Instagram page and make sure to include the below detail.

  • Post video as a hard post, not a story.

  • Include your category - Street or Park

  • Include the hashtag  - #slurpeecanskateopen

  • Include - @canadaskateboard

The following is an example of the post for the street division

  • street #slurpeecanskateopen @canadaskateboard

How do I know if I’m registered?

  • After you have filled out the registration form you can post your video.  Once your video is online, you will receive a comment from Canada Skateboard on the video you posted on Instagram. This will let you know that we see your video and you are confirmed into the contest, our judges will take it from there.


How many runs/videos can I post?

  • One line per category up to a maximum of 45 seconds in length.

Can I enter street & park?  

  • Yes, but you must film and post two different, separate videos, one for each category


Does my video have to be 45 seconds long?

  • No, your video can be shorter than 45 seconds, but can not be longer than 45 seconds.


How should I edit my video?

  • Easy, don't edit your video. We want to see your 45-second line in real-time, just like you would see at a live contest.  No cuts, no edits, no speeding up the video, and no music. We want to see your best line from start to finish.


Can I add music?

  • No, don’t add music, let the skating be the soundtrack


What are categories? What do you mean by street or park, how do I know which category to enter?

  • Street means skating your run on any obstacles that are part of the street section at your skatepark as well as any lines that are filmed in the real streets outside of any skatepark. (stairs, rails, gap, hubbas, banks, quarter pipes, etc)

  • Park means skating your run in either a bowl, halfpipe, pool or consistently skating transition for the duration of the video clip.


Can I use a private Instagram account?

  • No, you have to use a public account. 


 Still have questions ?  Send us an email

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