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Meet the New Faces

We're excited to introduce the latest additions to the Canada Skateboard family - five dynamic individuals who are joining our Board of Directors!

As the governing body for skateboarding in Canada, Canada Skateboard is dedicated to promoting and growing the sport across the nation. These new directors bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to our organization, and we're thrilled to have them on board.

1. Johnny Purcell: Director & Athlete Representative: (he/him): As a national team athlete, Johnny brings a unique perspective to our board. His dedication to contributing to communities across the country will further push Canada Skateboard's mission to promote, support and grow Canadian skateboarding. He will also be represent the teams' athletes among the directors.

2. Lyndsey Westfall: Director: (she/her): Previously founder and owner of Adrift skate shop, Lyndsey is an established communication and marketing strategist who will bolster our outreach efforts. Her expertise will help us spread the love of skateboarding to new audiences and create greater awareness about our initiatives.

3. Scott Balkwill: Director of Finance: (he/him): Scott is a passionate skateboarder with a profound understanding of finance. His experience as a finance analysts and payroll manager is sure to make a significant impact on our administratives projects.

4. Jano Arabaghian: Director: (he/him): Jano is a marketing expert with a deep connection to the skateboarding industry. As the Vans Canada general manager, his understanding of the sport and of the industry's inner working will provide crucial insights into furthering the marketing and branding of Canada Skateboard and its team.

5. John Slocombe: Director: (he/him): A successful advisor and strategist for government services, John is eager to leverage his strategist experience to support the growth and sustainability of skateboarding in Canada for athletes and enthusiasts across the board.

These new directors will join our current board members to help steer the direction of Canada Skateboard. Their collective expertise will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of skateboarding in Canada. We're confident their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas will help advance our mission and take Canadian skateboarding to new heights.

🎉Please join us in welcoming Johnny, Lyndsey, Scott, Jano, and John to the board as we continue to build a stronger, more inclusive skateboarding community across the country. 🎉

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