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The Santiago 2023 Recap

Fay De Fazio Ebert: A Star is Born

Earlier this week, you might have seen Ontario's finest sporting her gold medal across socials. The sensational Fay De Fazio Ebert clinched the gold medal in women's park skateboarding at Santiago 2023. Fay's victory is even more extraordinary as, at just 13 years old, she made history winning the country's first skateboarding medal at a major sporting event. Fay's incredible talent and dedication are a source of immense pride for Canada Skateboard, and we can't wait to witness her future accomplishments.

Ryan Decenzo: A Resilient Spirit

Though he narrowly missed the bronze medal, Ryan Decenzo's journey has been a testament to unwavering dedication and resilience. Placing fourth, Ryan showcased his exceptional skills and the unyielding spirit that has been his hallmark. Ryan continues to push out the boundaries of what he is capable with every contest. We have no doubt his future holds even greater success.

Samantha Secours: A Beacon of Inspiration

Samantha Secours made her major-game debut in Santiago, demonstrating incredible potential as she represented Canada. Her performance serves as a beacon of hope for young Canadian girls looking to make their mark in competitive skateboarding. Samantha's journey has only just begun, and we eagerly anticipate the bright future she's set to create.

Adam Hopkins: The Comeback

Adam has been fixture of park skateboarding in Canada. His guidance and leadership has influenced many on and off the team. Seeing him come back after overcoming a significant head injury a few months ago has been an inspiration to us all. We celebrate his journey back on the board and are looking forward to see his smile and positive force around.

Gratitude for our Communities

Last but not least, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sean Hayes, the national team coach, who provided invaluable support to our athletes in Santiago, Chile. Sean's leadership and guidance have been instrumental in our team's success, and we're proud to have him as part of our Canada Skateboard family. We are also grateful for the incredible support from communities across the country. The outpouring of encouragement for competitive skateboarding and our national team is truly heartwarming. Together, we are shaping the future of competitive skateboarding in Canada. In conclusion, the 2023 Pan American Games have been a resounding success for the Canada Skateboard team. We look forward to the bright future ahead and the continued growth of skateboarding.

The Road to Paris continues for the National Team with the Street World Championships in Tokyo December 10 - 17.

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